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Lilith or Scopophilia ( active voyeurism) 2




Second image in series dealing with the anaclitic/narcissistic dependent relationship
(lover through the lens)

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A Metaphorical Statement.

“God created the world” is a meaningless metaphorical statement, as are any other abstract paradigms in any other religious, occult, pagan, beliefs or followings. The statement, God created the World stringently controls the behaviour of those who ‘believe’ in it, just as much as the proclamations; ‘It is preordained; it is written in the stars; the cards predict; a cat crossed my path’, all superstitious substitutes over the weakness to find one’s own sovereignty.

What then do we respond to, how do we replace ‘abstract’ entities within in our ‘true and free will’? Where do we find the immanent and reference to who we are?

How do I replace these, -what is considered -‘traditional cognitive/inherited statements’, the metaphysical sentences, and the semantic and semiotic references? I don’t know how to do this, so must declare such ‘sentences/symbols’ to be meaningless, and in this declaration I must admit I no longer know how to respond to them. And in such, if this be the case, if anyone else claims that they know how to respond then I have to say, “you are mistaken, you cling to disciplines/traditions that are untenable, except in the endeavour to discover, through symbolism, your sovereign individual right”. Even so, with deep investigation, the symbols of semantic and semiotic representation become illusions in themselves. And the only way I can prove others are mistaken is to kill them, (which throughout human history has been a very popular mode of defeating an opponent in arguments about meaning, whether physically or psychologically); I understand the charm and attraction of this metaphysical idea. Therefore in this metaphysic (“being qua being”) I am defeated; my metaphysical ‘utterance’, is by its own merit a response to a metaphysical sentence, and all sentences are metaphysical: they are not tied by any magical force to something outside of language by ‘meaning and reference’ but linked to the non-verbal world by behaviour. I am therefore, perhaps, my own scientific experiment. (Naz 2015)

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Devouring Eye


The ambivalence of the anaclitic/narcissistic object relations, (the shadow male masked)

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Lilith or Scopophilia ( active voyeurism)


She was the Lilith of the rabbis, the female faun who attempted to seduce Adam and engendered the phantomatic creatures of the desert; she is the vampire nymph of curiosity who can put in her eyes at will and gives the children of men the vicious milk of dreams. (The return of the devouring gaze)

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