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Thoughts August 2016 (1)

A sip of destitution can be a sweet taste,

A gulp can be a devastating stomach-ache;

A mouthful can be a destructive liquid

That makes us crawl into a black tunnel

What occupies us most when not preoccupied is the occupation of preoccupation.


In a perception I perceived it is useless to perceive without perception


Am ‘I’ the one that pulls the string of ‘I’ and is the tied ‘I’ the ‘Me’ that suggests concepts bound to the leading ‘I’. And is this ‘self’ the ‘I’ that says “Feel Pain Here and There” In that thought, in that place of concepts, suffers and ponders how to rid ‘Itself’ of the anguish and is that the way ‘I’ shall think.


It is necessary to understand one’s own development, and he who knows this history knows how to find the continuity between that which was, that which is and that which will be.

Alcohol disagrees with me but I like the argument.


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