Re-interpretations and depictions of inspired moments; concepts brought to the fore in photographic art and other medium works

The Ways To god

Erotic connections to the Numen. Trialling in mixed mediums; oil on canvas, crayon, acrylics, photographic re-prints. Associating the worship of the ‘cross’ and Christian restriction to free expression of our primordial desires.

Love Is A Butcher

An allegorical depiction of personal experiences of love; its falsehood, the ensuing abstract emotions; mistrust, jealousy, and the inevitable fatality, part of the fabric of the human nature.

Homages to Marquis de Sade

Series of digital photographic montages inspired by Man Ray's Monument to D.A.F de Sade; 'The Divine Marquis' (1930)- a pictorial tribute to the man surrealists considered to be the ideal of ‘freedom’.

Conflict memrobilia

Concept inspired by the violence and degradation of 1st World War; Images depict the maiming of victims that could no longer function in a normal 'sexual manner'