(Site is constantly evolving, new galleries added as and when work is finished. Regular postings on ‘Blog’)
Image taking/ creating is a personal testimony, a way of seeing the human condition, and that seeing must be honest.
Technology is a medium for utilising and representing the many conditions.
Transgressive, irreverent, visual narratives; my images are not intended to be pretty pictures, nor necessarily aimed at technical quality.They penetrate inner worlds, striking impacts, stirring the imagination.

B.A. Degree Show Image

This work was presented for my degree show after attending four years at the University of Westminster Photography course where I attained a B.A Honour Upper 2/1 Degree. Subsequently "Resurrection" was chosen for the Travis Smith Art Programme. 2015-2016. The work is for sale on a limited edition of 10 B.0. (145 x 100cm) and 10 limited editions of A.0. (118 x 84cm) All editions mounted on Dibound.

New and Recent

A ‘squatting’ gallery where new and most recent work is placed till added to permanent ‘residence’ gallery.


Films including work for MA Degree Show


A selection of photographic abstractions and surrealistic approaches

Rituals of Revival.

A colourful, yet to some, darkly appealing selection of manipulated imagery dealing with ‘artistic’ presentation of overt sexual representations

The Doll Factory ( Variations On A Festish)

An expedition: positioning and representing dolls away from their ‘standard’ connotations, placing them into provocative erotic realms. (This is new series which will continue to grow)

Various Techniques

Ongoing developments using various techniques; reworking images away from formalism to a pictorial imagination.


Re-interpretations and depictions of inspired moments; concepts brought to the fore in photographic art and other medium works

Adam and Steve

A collaborated body of work with three other fellow students while still at University of Westminster, challenging creationist’s biblical doctrine; “Adam and Eve”. A highly constructed and symbolic narrative of four medium format images: “Night to Dawn”; a 'post-modern' evolution into the Garden of Eden.

Occult References

A selection of images taken when being privy to attend and record events.

Initial Art Work

Demonstrating development of digital work over a period of time