Rituals of Revival

Reclaimed from my archival catalogue working in the ‘Adult Entertainment Industry:
Like a Flanuer, passionate observer, I saunter into my past personas;
I grab the photos that titillate me; cause delightful masochistic pain.
I ritualistically transfer them to my present persona and manipulate them technologically.
Delivering pictures that flourish beyond any particular frame, yet remain ensnared within my own predilections;
a paradox of my psychosexual mind. A challenge to the eye; a confrontation to societal morals

A colourful, yet to some, darkly appealing selection of manipulated imagery dealing with ‘artistic’ presentation of overt sexual representations

Capnolagnia, Smoking Fetish

Like the addiction of smoking, the craving for the vagina is as powerful. In these images ‘Starr’ presents the look, the attitude, the mannerism of smoking, the desire to taste, to inhale and be intoxicated by the fetish; capnolagnia


Using a selection of archival imagery; photographs taken on and from various scenes, with colourful ‘pop art’ influence, I invite the viewer to step into erotic episodes; to become the ‘safe voyeur’ of sexual activity sitting in an altered framework.

Mechanical Disassociation

A selection of digital photomontages investigating Agalmatophilia Disassociation- mechanisms of sexual pleasure responsible to onamism. Technosexuality; the use/obsession of ‘gadgets’. Both fetishes could allegedly be said to; transfer/transform ‘erotic’ desires to preferred non-animate objects.

Fellatio 1

First body of photographic work re-interpreted by digital manipulation depicting the act of fellatio